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Designing in Teheran :: Benetton office center competition

benetton architecture competition - designing in teheran

Approximately about 1500 participants (architects, designers, students) all over the world took part in a competition of italian company Benetton. There were 22 architectural projects only from Ukraine by organizers’ statistics.

designing in teheran

Team: Dmytro Aranchiy, Viacheslav Kyrpach
Status: competition project
Date: April – May, 2009

benetton competition

The concept of the project was a creation of structure’s algorithmic skin: 3 centers of solar insolation with minimum need of natural lighting – southern side and two elevations in front of neighbor buildings where is nothing to see.
Concept was created with help of Kokkugia script of scaling elements. Project represents a smart pattern that is based on outside factors and context.

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designing in tehran diagramgrasshopper 3d architectural facade

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