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PULL & BEAR XX YEARS :: international logo and slogan competition

pull & bear xx years logo

DotStudio took part in an international competition to create a logo and slogan for the Spanish company Pull and Bear. The task was to provide a graphical and textual part, which are most suitable for celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the famous brand youth clothing. DotStudio published five versions of graphic design.

Сreative director: Dmytro Aranchii
Team: Viacheslav Kyrpach, Mariia Aranchii, Kateryna Serova
Organizer: Pull & Bear
Date: January 2011

pull and bear logo competition

The first is 3d logo of Pull & Bear designed for wide usage from commercial animation to large models for the shop windows. Logo can change camera angles in the new changing media world, can change color and, in accordance with what was proposed two basic gammas: a festive purple and bright cheerful green. Logo design method involves the application of the attractor algorithm and space tessellation of Platonic solids. The result is the Roman numeral XX consists of simple shapes in an unusual way.

pull and bear anniversary slogan

The second option is also the disctetization (partition) of corporate Pull and Bear logo in the finite elements – small ‘X’ (where XX pair means the 20-th anniversary). Two-dimensional infinite field of X-s represents the vast company’s prospects in the future, in which more than one decade the firm will delight their fans a quality product.

pullbear graphic logo competition

The third version of the Pull and Bear logo and slogan represents the geometric progression of growth of the brand and formula writing resonates with the slogan “so young and already so smart”.

pull and bear graphic design

The fourth option under the motto “row must go on” could get off the mouth of Freddy Mercury, if he was a seamstress or tailor. The line makes the X-shaped stitches, along with line to indicate the company’s past, current and future prospects of the jubilee.

pull and bear logo by dotstudio

Pool and Bear meets the needs of cheerful young people who value life in all its colors, which is why the fifth variant logo is designed as a matrix of twenty-colored cuts of the brand – for 20 years, the company satisfies the needs for every taste and color.

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