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Fence in Kozyn :: fence project near Koncha Zaspa

enclosure design in koncha zaspa - fence in kiev

Architectural project of enclosure in Kozyn near Kyiv. Fencing design accounts an existing geometry, especially scale and proportions of a cottage standing on a building ground. Identity of house its fence is reached at the expence of usage a parametric modeling approach based on Voronoi diagram – building a structure of enclosure through the aid of computer algorithms.

Project team: Dmytro Aranchii, Kostia Kashchuk, Mykyta Borysenko
Place: Koncha Zaspa near Kyiv, Ukraine
Date: 2009

voronoi diagram - fence project

As we can see on the image, house facades, especially mass centers of elements on it help create smart structure of fence, with the same scale and logicaly builded.

fencing design in kozin - fencing in koncha zaspa

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