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Gessi ThankYou Tap

thankyou tap concept design for gessi

The concept of ThankYou tap was elaborated for Italian company Gessi. The idea and the name of the suggestion are based on water research and achievements in water sphere, particularly on two main principles: fluent trajectory of liquid stream movement and psychological interaction of human and water.


Coffeetrade reception :: parametric design for Kyiv office

office furniture design

Reception for the previously implemented (by DotStudio) Coffeetrade Kyiv office.
The surface of the front reception desk is made up of discrete elements containing coffee cups, so stand has a custom design and uneven surface. The project’s objective is to make the reception for shocking visitors.


Table n :: product design of a table

Table n / industrial design

Small table design is a pulsation of spaces and emptinesses. Their repeating and invertion create liquid fluiding dynamic in a frame of simple useful form.


Hodynnyk watсh :: contemporary product design

hodynnyk watch contemporary design

Watch design for available price segment. The geometry of the projected watch is (coninuously) closed and emphasizes simplicity and wholeness of the object, making it an unobtrusive modern addition to the universal human body.