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Vinnytsia University Campus Mediatheque in Ukraine

mediatheque of university campus in vinnytsia

Fitness center :: architectural concept on Boryspil highway near Kyiv

building of sport architecture

Fitness club is situated on active highway between capital of Ukraine and main national airport. Center is integrated into business-park structure with area of 220 000 m2 as well as administration buildings, educational center structures, hotel and office buildings. Business park workers and guests have ability to feel good visiting swimming pool, saunas, spa, gym and cardio section, group sections and universal playground of gaming sports.


Winter pergola (arbor) design near Moscow

winter arbor architecture

There were created pergola exterior and interior project during design process. Arbor sizes are 5 x 5 meters in plan projecton.


Designing in Teheran :: Benetton office center competition

benetton architecture competition - designing in teheran

Approximately about 1500 participants (architects, designers, students) all over the world took part in a competition of italian company Benetton. There were 22 architectural projects only from Ukraine by organizers’ statistics.


Fence in Kozyn :: fence project near Koncha Zaspa

enclosure design in koncha zaspa - fence in kiev

Architectural project of enclosure in Kozyn near Kyiv. Fencing design accounts an existing geometry, especially scale and proportions of a cottage standing on a building ground. Identity of house its fence is reached at the expence of usage a parametric modeling approach based on Voronoi diagram – building a structure of enclosure through the aid of computer algorithms.


Art school :: digital architecture concept in Ukrainka near Kyiv

art school architectural project near kyiv

Architectural design of art school in Ukrainka near Kiev. The project used an analysis of area nearby building site in order to transfer the already established geometry into the area of design. Voronoi algorithm communicates future quarters with their past.


Elevations (facades) design in Raiduzhnyi region in Kyiv

дизайн фасадов

Разработка фасадов для жилого дома в Киеве. В этом архитектурном проекте решалась цветовая гамма здания, а также пластика его фасадов. Благодаря цветовому разграничению и варьиированию площадей балконов достигнуты вертикальная динамика, мягкая и струящаяся по своей природе.


Architectural cottage project – competition award

архитектурный проект коттеджа, конкурсный дизайн проект

3е место в кокурсе Золотые ворота в будущее занял архитектурный проект коттеджа.


Kyiv Fashion design Museum :: cellular automata digital architecture

музей дизайна одежды

Архитетурный проект музея фешн дизайна в Киеве на 4000 кв. м. В процессе создания формы музея использовано параметрическое проектирование, базирующееся на теории саморазвивающихся систем (прообраз эволюции языком дискретной математики).


Facades design for Silpo supermarket – architectural project

дизайн фасадов Сильпо - архитектурный проект

Проектирование фасадов супермаркета Сильпо в Фастове под Киевом.