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Fitness center :: architectural concept on Boryspil highway near Kyiv

building of sport architecture

Fitness club is situated on active highway between capital of Ukraine and main national airport. Center is integrated into business-park structure with area of 220 000 m2 as well as administration buildings, educational center structures, hotel and office buildings. Business park workers and guests have ability to feel good visiting swimming pool, saunas, spa, gym and cardio section, group sections and universal playground of gaming sports.

Conception author: Dmytro Aranchii
Date: January 2010
Building area: 4500 m2

Fitness center is located on the center of building area, connecting different functions of business park and being the point of attraction and relaxation for people. Building is a little bended on a plan, because of the yard plan geometry.

The volume of building has a linear composition, a shape of a whole and partitions of facades and roof panels, that give an opportunity to distinguish 3 main blocks (entrance, swimming pool with gym and sport games playground). Plastic of the building includes such important elements as fold and transformation. Like BMW construction innovations, building has surfaces, where fold appears from ideal smooth plane and disappears suddenly. Besides there is an approach applied where a horizontal plane transforms into a vertical one creating a fold and eliminates merging with next surface.

During a design process were written program codes (scripts in vb script programming language for Rhino) that allow sharp scaling of facade panels in 3d space and some scripts where adapted for individual case to work with attractors (windows scaling according to sun insolation needed).

There was a cross-ribbed system designed for the roof of the fitness center to block passage of 26 meters long.

digital architecture of fitness club
fitness club vizualization in kyiv
spider glass of sport club
roof of fitness club architecture
fitness club interior
sport center interior
sport club masterplan near kyiv
fitness center plan
sport architecture plan
digital architecture section
cross-ribbed architectural roof

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