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Art school :: digital architecture concept in Ukrainka near Kyiv

art school architectural project near kyiv

Architectural design of art school in Ukrainka near Kiev. The project used an analysis of area nearby building site in order to transfer the already established geometry into the area of design. Voronoi algorithm communicates future quarters with their past.

The scale of building is preserved, while acquiring other shapes and giving students new scenarios for the movement inside the school building, new experience from studying in blocks of perimeter configuration with courtyards and lush green oasis of relaxation.

Team: Dmytro Aranchii, Anna Matveieva, Mariia Aranchii
Location: Ukrainka, Kyiv region, Ukraine
Status: Concept
Area: 4000 m2
Date: 2008

kyiv art school bird view

kyiv art school based on Voronoi diagram

kyiv art school project by Dmytro Aranchii

ukrainka art school architectural concept

art school interior in kyiv

kyiv art school auditorium interior design

kyiv art school voronoi diagram

kyiv art school voronoi design process

kyiv art school elevation

kyiv art school ground floor plan

kyiv art school physical model

kyiv art school physical model photo

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