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DotStudio competition awards, workshop participations etc.

2010 Architectural Association Bleaching Green workshop, Madrid, Spain
2010 Industrial design competition Bene Office Furniture 2012, 2nd prize, Kyiv, Ukraine
2010 ndustrial design competition Nayada ArtDoors , 3rd prize, Moscow, Russia

2009 Urban Design workshop New Urbanism, Florence, Italy
2009 Participation in Designing in Teheran, architectural competition, Tehran, Iran

2008 Architectural competition Albau Allplan, 2nd prize, Munich, Germany
2008 Public interior competition Knauf, audience prize, Kyiv, Ukraine
2008 Finalists of Independance monument designing competition, Baku, Azerbaijan

2007 International architecture competition House for Star, Moscow, Russia
2007 Living interiors competition House from natural wood, 1st and 2nd prizes in 2 nominations, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
2007 Cottage competition Golden gates to future, 3rd prize, Kyiv, Ukraine