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Gessi ThankYou Tap

thankyou tap concept design for gessi

The concept of ThankYou tap was elaborated for Italian company Gessi. The idea and the name of the suggestion are based on water research and achievements in water sphere, particularly on two main principles: fluent trajectory of liquid stream movement and psychological interaction of human and water.


Nakhimovskii :: flat interior design in Moscow

contemporary flat interior design in moscow

One bedroom apartment in Moscow. DotStudio finished design of living interior for client, who is tired of monotonous colors at work and wants diversity of it at home.


PULL & BEAR XX YEARS :: international logo and slogan competition

pull & bear xx years logo

DotStudio took part in an international competition to create a logo and slogan for the Spanish company Pull and Bear. The task was to provide a graphical and textual part, which are most suitable for celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the famous brand youth clothing. DotStudio published five versions of graphic design.


Vinnytsia University Campus Mediatheque in Ukraine

mediatheque of university campus in vinnytsia

Fitness center :: architectural concept on Boryspil highway near Kyiv

building of sport architecture

Fitness club is situated on active highway between capital of Ukraine and main national airport. Center is integrated into business-park structure with area of 220 000 m2 as well as administration buildings, educational center structures, hotel and office buildings. Business park workers and guests have ability to feel good visiting swimming pool, saunas, spa, gym and cardio section, group sections and universal playground of gaming sports.


Dolgoprudnyi :: one bedroom apartment near Moscow

interior design moscow

Residential interior, near Moscow. Interior design bedroom apartment. The interior is designed for customers most appreciate the possibility of using the same space in different ways. Living room has its part of a play corner for children and the workplace, bedroom provides for a separate children’s bed with the ability to transform it into a future in, say, a remote place of work or place for the mirror.


Coffeetrade reception :: parametric design for Kyiv office

office furniture design

Reception for the previously implemented (by DotStudio) Coffeetrade Kyiv office.
The surface of the front reception desk is made up of discrete elements containing coffee cups, so stand has a custom design and uneven surface. The project’s objective is to make the reception for shocking visitors.


Winter pergola (arbor) design near Moscow

winter arbor architecture

There were created pergola exterior and interior project during design process. Arbor sizes are 5 x 5 meters in plan projecton.


Kvadratnyi Metr (Square Meter) #2 :: bedroom interior photos

bedroom interior design for tv

Bedroom design project is realized. Diagrammatic pattern on the furniture, triangle construction of walls/ceiling and furniture from solid surface material (Table n is among them) are main advantages of the project.


Designing in Teheran :: Benetton office center competition

benetton architecture competition - designing in teheran

Approximately about 1500 participants (architects, designers, students) all over the world took part in a competition of italian company Benetton. There were 22 architectural projects only from Ukraine by organizers’ statistics.


Table n :: product design of a table

Table n / industrial design

Small table design is a pulsation of spaces and emptinesses. Their repeating and invertion create liquid fluiding dynamic in a frame of simple useful form.


Fence in Kozyn :: fence project near Koncha Zaspa

enclosure design in koncha zaspa - fence in kiev

Architectural project of enclosure in Kozyn near Kyiv. Fencing design accounts an existing geometry, especially scale and proportions of a cottage standing on a building ground. Identity of house its fence is reached at the expence of usage a parametric modeling approach based on Voronoi diagram – building a structure of enclosure through the aid of computer algorithms.


1kava (Persha Kaviarnia) cafe :: interior and facade design in Kyiv

cafe interior design kyiv

Interior of the cafe is targeted at short duration, but memorable visitors staying. Specifics of the project cafe – a small area – a total of 50 square meters and the maximum current, almost cosmic design that fits into the concept of brand 1kava customer.


Kvadratnyi Metr (Square Meter) #2 :: bedroom interior design

flat design project - bedroom

Interior design of bedroom for TV show Kvadratnyi Metr (Squre Meter). Unique walls and ceiling constructions, individual made wall pannels, logically rotated bed – all this puts an interior of a bedroom in the category of a new approach to interior design – analytical – the only reasonable direction, combining the functionality, utility and novelty of the avant-garde.


Kvadratnyi Metr (Square Meter) #1 :: studio interior design in Kyiv

apartment interior design in kyiv

Interior for TV show Kvadratnyi Metr. Дизайн кухни и жилой комнаты исполнен смелом сочетании тонов и гибкой геометрии мебели под заказ. Дизайн интерьера помогает человеку удобно передвигаться, минимизируя передвижения. Перепланировка квартиры способствует правильно зонировать пространства вместе с привнесением духа новизны, авангарда, современности.


Lomonosova str. :: two room apartment interior in Kyiv

дизайн интерьера квартиры в киеве<p>

Дизайн интерьера квартиры в Киеве для молодой семьи, состоящей из 4х человек. Ул. Ломоносова / 90 кв. м. В этой квартире соединились утилитарный функционалим и минимализм. Каждая комната и помещение приобрели свой цвет и оттенок. Потолочные конструкции и карнизы приобрели привкус деконструктивизма. Пестрая детская комната, слегка прохладная кухня, бодрящая спальня, 2 санузла – один успокаивающий, второй – возбуждающий, свежая гостиная.


Coffeetrade office interior Kyiv :: design consultations

дизайн офиса

Офисный интерьер реализован на основе дизайн консультаций по подбору отделочных материалов, цветовой гаммы и  проектирования текстуры светопрозрачных офисных перегородок. Офис компании Соffeetrade включает набор помещений для менеджеров, бухгалтера, технического персонала, ремонтной мастерской, приемной и кабинета директора.


House from natural wood (Dom iz chistogo dereva) :: natural materials contemporary house interior

интерьер деревянный дом

Интерьер деревянного дома digital/natural выполнен из традиционных материалов в нетрадиционном современном стиле. Дизайн интерьера дома из дерева не классичен за счет использования современной геометрии, пространственных и цветовых решений.


Logo design by DotStudio

дизайн логотипов

Помимо проектирования DOTSTUDIO architects занимается другими видами дизайна – здесь представленны разработанные нами лого для молодых быстроразвивающихся компаний Украины и Роcсии.


Art school :: digital architecture concept in Ukrainka near Kyiv

art school architectural project near kyiv

Architectural design of art school in Ukrainka near Kiev. The project used an analysis of area nearby building site in order to transfer the already established geometry into the area of design. Voronoi algorithm communicates future quarters with their past.